Monday, June 9, 2008

I Quit!

After finding out about Neds latest deal to improve the team, I have to resign my post as president of the Juan Pierre haters club and loyal Dodgers fanatic. I'll be a Dodgers fan but, the blog, incessant cheering, and late nights watching rebroadcasts of games are over. At least until Ned Colletti is out of there.

There are promising reports coming out of New York that suggest Brian Cashman would want to follow Joe Torre out to LA. Not that Cashman is the end all be all to being a successfull GM, but something new would be nice. I thought Ned had the sense to admit when he was wrong and try and make significant improvements to the team.

Getting rid of Juan Pierre should have been the first order of business this offseason. A move made recently by the Royals when they ridded themselves of Angel Berroa. The irony of that move is that it was made with the Dodgers. Now we have the Royals worst player, the Braves worst player, the Giants worst player... when are the Yankees and Red Sox going to contribute. We do have Nomar and Proctor...

Anyway, I'll try and make to the All-Star break when Jones and Furcal should be coming back. At which time Sweeney, Berroa, and Pierre should hopefully be gone along with Colletti!

So long!