Saturday, November 8, 2008

Offensive player ratings 2008

C - Russell Martin - 3rd behind Joe Mauer and Brian McCann.

1B - James Loney - 18th. Though big names take up the top 10 James was the epitome of league average last year. Certainly we expected more. If we don't get more next year it's time to start looking for a platoon partner. (Nomar?)

2B - Jeff Kant - inc/ 19th - Lets hope he retires. Actually I'd like to see him in a Giants uniform so Kuroda can throw at his head next year.

3B - Casey Blake - 8th - Decent year for the statue. I hope Ned doesn't make the mistake of signing him and Manny to muli year deals!

Blake Dewitt - 21st - He really should be playing second next year. He's just not enough of a force with the bat to get it done at third. I trust his sure hands to take over second easily.

SS - Rafael Furcal - 13th - despite playing only about 1/6th of the season he still managed to rack up enough numbers to be the 13th best SS in all of baseball last year. That's what we got for 13 million. Thanks Ned. 

LF - Manny! - #1 - The best left fielder in the game last year. Probably the best pure hitter of our generation. 

CF - Matt Kemp - 9th - Not a bad season for Kemp. He was asked to bat in every position in the lineup except cleanup. Thank goodness we had Jeff freaking Kant!

RF - Andre the Giant killer - The best season for any Dodger by far! Had been given a full season of play and not been screwed around by a bumbling manager for the second year in a row he likely could have even done better. 

There really is no reason to bring up other players that in no way contributed positively. But I will anyway. 

Andruw Jones - F - What else can be said? He had the worst season of anyone's career. 

Juan Pierre - D - While he did steal 40 bases he was caught 12 times for a 76% success rate. Which is not very good.

Nomar - C - He had an average year. I guess I really should give him a lower grade for being injured most of the year, but I suppose that was to be expected. 

The rest...
 #Delwyn Young          Chin-Lung Hu            *Mark Sweeney             Luis Maza                Andy LaRoche             Danny Ardoin             Pablo Ozuna              Gary Bennett             Jason Repko             #Terry Tiffee             A.J. Ellis   

With exception to any of the developing kids(Hu, Repko, Young), the rest of you schlubs can 
go test the free agent waters for sharks... or cramps because I hope you drown.