Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Predictions update.

So Teixiera has signed with the Yankees. Supposedly. At least this is not a FOXSports rumor. ESPN has reported that Teixiera has signed with the Yankees for 180 million over 8 years. At the beginning of the offseason it seemes simple to think that the Yankees would target Tex after losing Giambi and Abreu. Instead they traded junk for Swisher and added starting pitching depth only to come away with Teixiera before Boston could counter.

This just means its less likely that they also add Manny. Unless they trade any one or two of Melky, Swisher, Nady, Matsui and Damon. I don't think that they will hold onto all 5 but it might not be such a bad idea as Matsui and Damon are both huge injury risks. Nady is best as a part time player and Melky is best at AAA. They really should target a real centerfielder like Mike Cameron or more starting pitching depth.

This just makes it more likely that the Dodgers sign Manny. Unfortunately it also means that since Ned has the advantage in negotiations he will likely sign Manny to a 3 or 4 year deal. I still think it'd be best to just let him go and collect the picks.

Apparently Derek Lowe is in conversations with the Mets. It seems more likely that the Mets add a starting pitcher before targeting a bat like Burrell. If he signs with the Mets we get their 1st round pick and a sandwich pick. Hopefully Manny signs with someone other than the Yankees because we would get their 2nd round pick and a sandwich pick.

I still maintain that the Dodgers would do well to add maybe one or 2 starters. Id be happy with any 1 or 2 of Oliver Perez, Randy Johnson, or Ben Sheets. I'd be happy with Johnson and Sheets at 20 million total. Anything more than that and we are taking a significant risk. I't would be hard to justify signing Perez. He has high walk rates and is incredibly erratic. I like Sheets and Johnsons control as the current mix of youth we throw out there is still struggling with control. Plus Perez is a Borass client. We can't have any of that now.