Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Dodgers currently have somewhere in the area of 50 million dollars coming off the books next year. That's a fair heap o cash! But in order to free just a little more up I have come up with a plan to make the Dodgers appear unstoppable! Here goes...

Free Agents:

Manny. If he wants 100 million over 4 years I say give it to him! With his antics the Dodgers will laugh all the way to the bank with sellouts every game!

CC- A proven #1 already quoted as saying he wants to be a Dodger next year. A home town lefty that will fill and plug and overflow the hole left by Lowe. 7 x 20 with incentives!

Furcal- After an injury riddled season where he will miss over 100 games he should be able to come relatively cheaply. 10 -12 million over 4 yrs.

Thats 55ish million on 3 players... you might be thinking the math doesn't add up. It doesn't just yet. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve.


One major trade to cover the second base hole left by Kent. Though Kent is kinda the hole there this year... anyway... here goes.

Trade Penny (9 million), Pierre (10 million), Hu/ Abreu, and 2 pitching prospects (Elbert, prospect B) for Brian Roberts! I think we'd have to eat at least 5 million over the next 3 years of Pierre's contract (15 million total) and then Roberts gets 8 million next year. We save about 2 million and fill a huge hole while getting rid of Slappy....

But you say...."wait, that's only 2 million bucks. We still need to sign bench players!"

Since Jason Schmidt is unlikely to pitch at all this year the MLB player/team insurance program kicks in the cash for Schmidt salary this year. Thats 12 million bucks baby!

With that money we have enough to extend Casey Blake and grab a 5th starter to go behind CC, Bills, Kuroda, CK, and Schmidt unless he is done for next year too. There are always options in the minors as well. One man by the name of James McDonald comes to mind! The bullpenn needs no help, just maybe a little more depth than Brian Falkenborg, especially if Saito come back healthy.

In retrospect the Dodgers could have as much as 70 million to play around with next year. Its a ton of money and what they do with it will determine the fate of all mankind forever... seriously!


Looks dang strong!