Saturday, May 24, 2008


Kershaw up.

Brazoban down.

Loaiza GONE!!!

The Untouchables~

The 2008 Dodgers isn't built to win. It's time to either have a major overhaul to try and salvage the season and hope for a hot streak with some new players or build for next year. But it's obvious we need to get better and make some trades. Instead of determining who to trade, lets establish who absolutely can not be moved at all.

And in no particular order:

Chad Billingsly- The closest thing we have to an ace.

Clayton Kershaw- The second closest thing we to an ace.

Matt Kemp- Perrenial all-star/ Golg Glove winner/ Silver Slugger/ MVP.

Russell Martin- What more can be said. THE BEST CATCHER IN THE GAME!

Johnathen Broxton- His youth, contract, and durability make him unreplaceable.

Takashi Saito- Even with his age he is one of the best in the game. Great K rates and even better control with great late movement make him unreplaceable.

Rafael Furcal- Lets just hope Ned does the smart thing and locks him up.

There are a few second tier players that deserve credit where credit is due. It's unlikely that we can unload them and get something back of equal or greater value.

Guys like:

James Loney. It's time we see that Silver Slugger bat come alive. AND he needs to be more consistent with the glove!!! It's possible to get someone better than Loney. He is a good player, has a nice swing, but he just needs to, dare i say, be... more... consistent. (shades of Joe Morgan)

Andre Ethier. Really he should be on the list above, but his OPS+ is ok~ (113), but arm and defense are great. Because of that it would be really hard to replace him with someone better. But it is possible.

Blake Dewitt. It would take a really sweet offer to find someone more likeable and talented as Dewitt. He shows that he has the talent to take over the starting job at third. Lets hope his young head can stay in it.

Joe Beimel. How can you not like the guy. He has a role and he fits perfectly in it. He is above average at what he does and clearly for the Dodgers no one else can do what he does. But there are a few available Left Hand relievers that are better.

Hong Chi Kuo. His strike out rate is as advertised. He has great stuff. But I don't want him to be around when he needs another Tommy John surgery. Eventually they are going to run out of tendons in his body to stick in that elbow.

Hiroki Kuroda. A nice pitcher. He is a nice 3rd or 4th starter. If he continues to go 7 on a mimimal pitch count he is worth having around. Still a question mark as this is his first season in the bigs.

As far as I'm concerned, everyone else is fair game.

Brad Penny
Derek Lowe
Chan Ho Park
Esteban Loaiza
Mark Sweeney
Gary Bennett

Naturally I have a plan!

Pierre and Hu for Maddux and a prospect.

edit: Tony Abreu, Andy Laroche, Derek Lowe Jaime Pedroza, Justin Orenduff, and Greg Miller for CC Sabatthia.

Juan Pierre, Josh Bell, John Lindsey, Chin Lung Hu, and Scott Elbert for Brian Roberts.

Garrett White, James Adkins, Yhency Brazoban, Andruw Jones and Ramon Troncoso for Bobby Abreu. (It may take more for this one.)

Jones and Lowe for Bobby Abreu.

Greg Miller, Eric Stults, Andy Laroche, Tony Abreu, and John Meloan for Brian Roberts.

Cut Kent, Sweeney, Bennett, and hope Schmidt just retires already.

Friday, May 23, 2008

So much for sanity.

It's official.

Andruw Jones is the worst player in baseball.

Who would have thought that 18 million a year would have bitten back so badly? Ned Colletti must be turning in his grave.

It's time that he have the "arthroscopic surgery" and get put on the 60 day DL. I say "arthroscopic surgery" because I don't think he is actually injured. He is just trying to blame something other than his obesity for his MLB worst performance.

Even if he is somewhat injured, the cause would be his obesity. The tatoo on his back, which is the Japanese symbol for a Bull, has now stretched into a cow.

He has taken the crown from Juan Pierre as the most worthless player in baseball. It's too bad that the Dodgers are paying 27 million dollars for the two worst outfielders in all of baseball. The only way the saeson can be salvaged is if both of them left.

That might be the only way that Ned Colletti can save his job. Not only is he going to have to cut costs, but he is going to have to trim this dead weight. 350 pounds of useless Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones is a lot to ask, but he has to do it.

If he can find a good second baseman (Brian Roberts) and decent right fielder (Bobby Abreu or Brian Giles) he would definitely set us up to win. In the process, cut Kent, trade Lowe, call up Kershaw, and leave Nomar on the bench then we might actually have a blind shot at the WS. I wouldn't mind dropping a few prospects in the process to make it happen.





Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sanity restored.... kinda

It is apparent that Andruw Jones may need arthroscopic surgery to repair torn cartilidge in his right knee. What a blessing for the Dodgers! Now we don't have to put up with a leadoff hitter that makes more outs than anyone else followed up with a .170 hitter. If there were any way to get rid of Pierre, I would look into it. Maybe we can match him up with Laroche to get a decent second baseman?

Anyway, more on Jones. When he comes back, lets hope he doesn't come back as a 250 pound whale. And who is to say that this injury wasn't the direct cause of him being overweight? I'd love to see him come back after the all-star break trim and fit and deliver that game changing presence form a few years ago. Who am I kidding?... Lets just cut the guy now. Maybe we can sign Bobby Abreu next year to bat second behind Furcal?