Friday, June 5, 2009

Just take a pitch already!

It seems as though Hamels was just lights out tonight. There were a few times in the game when it was concievable that we might get a shot, but alas, our patience had struck out.

Martin and Ethier were clearly not themselves at the dish, while Pierre is looking more and more like... well... Pierre. Its a matter of time before he begins his regression to the mean. As for Martin, who knows? Maybe he is injured? Maybe he should dump his crazy girlfrind?

Anyway, Hamels had 17 three pitch at bats, according to Vin. And I doubt that there were that many 0-2 counts. We were off for one game and Hamels was on. Lets come back tomorrow and make some magic for Milton.

Mota finished the game recording 5 outs! Apparently Ausmus gave him some pointers about hiding the ball better and tightening up his delivery. Seems to be working. I still dont trust him, but as long as he comes in for mop up duty and doesn't walk anyone, I'm happy.