Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking to 2010

I am the epitome of offseason/free agent/trade rumor mongering junkie. So looking forward to 2010 is nothing of note in my book. Though anyone else might suggest that 2009 is soooo promising and exciting. I can't deny the idea that 2009 might be the year the Dodgers finally break through to go deep in the playoffs. It's been a wonderful season thus far and can only get better. Although...

2010 could be even better!

Jason Schmidt comes off the books and really he is the only significant salary dump we can assume here. Maybe Randy Wolf gets resigned as he has pitched like an elite pitcher. Worthy of at least of a mid rotation type pitcher worth a 3 year contract probably at a double digit rate per million range. 3 yrs at 30 million'ish. He's worth it.

The only position player leaving for free agency is Orlando Hudson. He has been a solid signing all year and if he hits all his bonuses will make roughly 8 million this year. Mota, Ohman, Loretta, Ausmus, and Castro will be other free agents. If the season goes well, I think we can expect Ausmus and Loretta back next year. Maybe even Mota? Though I think Mota would look for more money somewhere else as a closer/set up man. (Shrug) That leaves an open spot in the rotation and at second base.

If Tony Abreau (of all people) continues to impress I don't think we need to sign Hudson to a contract extension simply because he will demand much more on the free agent front and he has a serious injuy history. He is however, a very talented player and a huge clubhouse spring. As far as I know Abreau is nothing but talent, a glove, great hands and footwork at second, and an improving bat. I'd like to see him or Dewitt batting behind Furcal next year playing second base.

I'm not exactly sure what to do on the starting pitching front. Some mixture of Elbert, MacDonald, and throw-ins like Weaver etc, should get the job done in the 5th spot. Jason Marquis will be available should we not sign Wolf? As is John Lackey. There aren't that many options out there.

I think I would like to see Ned try and make a creative trade for a power 1B bat. Prince Fielder maybe. Loney is a league average player with already declining power. Fielder has heart and power and an increasing salary that the Brewers might not be able to afford next year. Loney and pieces for Prince should get the job done.

And of course, I will always plug the "TRADE JUAN PIERRE, BECAUSE HE STINKS" here. If Ned can get rid of Juanita this offseason, the Dodgers will be a better team for it. Hopefully he goes to an AL team where he can't hurt us.

It's never too early to think about the future.