Monday, December 1, 2008

What to do?

As the options of free agents become more available via arbitration, we can see an inclusion in some potential players joining the Dodgers.

The infield.

Plan A: Sign Ray Durham to play second base. A high OBP mixed with league average production otherwise is worth at least 5 million based on his age. Sign Edgar Rentaria to play SS and have DeWitt at 3B. The lineup is weak, the defense is weaker. Grade F

Plan B: Trade for Mike Lowell to play third and eat most of the salary so we don't have to give up any big time prospects. Although unlikely, we could have Hu at short and Dewitt at second. The lineup is still weak, but the defense is much better. Grade C

Plan C: Don't do anything. Play Dewitt at third, Dejesus at SS and Hu at second. Poor offense, good defense. Grade C. I think this is the best option.

Whatever prospects we have to give up for Lowell is just too much. Unless we are making room by trading Pierre to only see Ned sign Ibanez would just make no sense. Next year should be a rebuilding year for the Dodgers. By that I mean that we shouldn't sign anyone and offer arbitration to everyone. Collect the draft picks and get the heck outta dodge.

If we win the division, all the better. But when our competitors in the NL West have no money to spend and they are all rebuilding we might as well save our bullets to use them when we need them.