Monday, October 20, 2008


To sum up what rumors have passed through the Dodger media, there is a possibilty that the Dodgers look to add Randy Johnson next year. There is also the possibility that we hang onto Maddux as well, but in a different role. Bench Coach. What a perfect role for him. I think I would like to see Maddux as our Field Manager one day soon.

So that brings me to my other preferable speculation. That we should trade Andruw Jones (and cash) to the Oakland Athletics for Eric Chavez. One bad contract with one bad year (Jones) and another bad contract with multiple years. We would have to move Pierre first beause this team would seriously be hampered financially if we had multiple Juan Pierre's, Jason Schmidt's, and Andruw Jones's.

Pierre has already stated that he wants out if he can't have a starting gig. I don't blame him completely. While he is a horrible player he isn't any better than league average and that must be worth something... OK I blame him. He's worthless. The Reds will likely kick the tires around considering Dusty Baker's infatuation with speed and non-contributing stats like stolen bases. Maybe we can work a decent reliever out of them. We might need someone reliable out of the penn next year to go with Broxton, Kuo, Wade, Beimel, and Troncoso. In all likelyhood we may have seen the last of Takashi Saito. He really spoiled us with his domination and he WILL be missed. Lets hope he makes a speedy recovery and has one more dominant season in him.

To add what has already been mentioned that leaves us with:

Furcal SS
Dewitt 2B
Ethier RF
Manny LF
Loney 1B
Kemp CF
Chavez/Nomar 3B
Martin C




There are other options off the bench that may be more reliable. I can't think of any. How big was Willy Aybar for the Rays this year? That's what I mean. Colletti needs to find a few dimonds in the rough. Dallas Macphereson? Mike Hessman? Scott McClain? There's about 50 minor league guys that will make an impact next year for a different team than they were on this year. We got one of those guys this year and it was all luck. Chan Ho Park. Who was terrible when we needed him most.

UPDATE: Jones plans on asking the Dodgers front office for a trade! YEAH!