Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reality check.

The Dodgers currently have two players on the team that are out of options. Delwyn Young and Hong Chi Kuo. Both players have a pretty high upside and really low downside.

Delwyn obviously made an impression last year when he had something like 7 consecutive hits (I'm not exactly sure on that), but he reminds me of the impact someone with his talent can have with a bat. On the other hand, is his glove. And instead of using a glove he has a cast iron skillet glued ot his palm. The poor guy would likely have a shot a starting job if it wasn't for his turrubl defense. As a switch hitter that can absolutely rake, he isn't helping himself by batting 156 this spring. However, the club is basically forced to keep him on the roster so they don't have to face losing him to a needing team and getting nothing in return.

Kuo is a top notched talent and up until he started pitching for the Dodgers was lighting in a bottle. He was still pretty impressive but 4 elbow surgeries does not exactly spell consistent or healthy or reliable or sesquipedalian. Anyhow, it looks like he too will be on the opening day roster as a long reliever/ spot starter. A role I think better suited for Clayton Kershaw.

Could it be possible that we move both of these guys and maybe Greg Miller to the Cubs for Mark Derosa after they finally pick up Brian Roberts? Maybe a 3 way deal could be made where we give up the already mentioned players to the Orioles, the Cubs give up a few to the Orioles get Roberts.

I like Derosa because he is versitile enough to play any of the infield spots or the corner outfield spots. Maybe if we are really lucky we can throw Pierre in to ( I was going to say "sweeten", but... ) sour the pot. The cubs aren't exactly sold on Pie, but who would be sold on Pierre? That and he has 4 more years on his contract. There just is no room for a guy like him on basically any team.

Pierre isn't exactly helping himself either, by talking about playing time and his role with the team. Not to mention his turrubl play. Lets hope we can dump him and bronze the poo we get in return. Speaking of which...

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Marcus Giles looks like he will be let go by the Rockies here pretty soon. He's had a pretty good spring and can still play D. No reason not to tender him minor league deal and let Ramon Martinez go free.