Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can Penny turn on a dime?

I had to use the pun.

Penny continues to struggle pitching, in his last 5 starts he has given up 10, 5, 5, 4, and 6 runs.

Over 27 innings in 5 games he has a 9.43 ERA with 13 walks and 17 strike outs... not good... actually it's horrible... like Odalis Perez bad.

Even stranger he has given up 4 homes runs. The same guy that gave up 4 home runs all of the first half of last year has all of a sudden given up 4 in 5 games.

My analysis is that Penny is just getting unlucky as teams have a 390 BABIP against him in this time period. His groundball rate is up and his line drive and fly ball rates are down. Having Furcal at SS will really help and if we are lucky Jeff Cant can help us by giving more offense! In the meantime... lets all enjoy watching our SS production go 0-30 again, go eat a Dodger Dog.

Fortunately for Penny he is facing the Rockies. The one team that has struggled MORE than the Dodgers. It'll be just our luck that they start a hot streak against us that lasts until late September when they have clinched the division...

Probably not.

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