Thursday, December 11, 2008

On my list

I have a list of guys that, if I were GM, I'd make contact with and try to sign to relatively cheap deals.

First of all let me say that I am shying away from Manny Ramirez and thinking that just sticking with Jones is center might work out as he is playing for a contract again... maybe he can hit .222 with 25 homers. If he does that... well... he still sucks, but there is an outside chance that he steps up this season and we see the real Andruw Jones. I think, as a fan, were going to have to count on him to bat cleanup for us.

Naturally Rafael Furcal is #1 on the Dodgers list. We need a true leadoff hitter and sparkplug in the field. He has all kinds of range and a cannon arm that will cover most of what Blake can't at third. Sign him to 2 years with roll over incentives for a 3rd and 4th year if that's what he wants. I don't have any problem paying the man as long as he is healthy. After Furcal there really is no one else. He holds all the cards and as far as I'm concerned I really think he will sign with us eventually.

Then we need to start looking at bullpenn help and 1 or 2 spots in the rotation.

Ben Sheets stock seems to be dropping and if the Yankees sign Lowe, his stock as a 3rd or 4th starter may fall even further. I can't see him taking a deal less than 12- 14 million range, but if he dropps that low it's worth knocking on the door.

Randy Johnson. His asking price to play in Arizona was 8 million. If the Dodgers offer 10 he should accept and I think I would be happy with that. He is approaching 300 wins and 5000 K's. He would be the pitching version of Manny for about 12-15 home games next year.

Pedro Martinez. I'd only consider it if he were to accept 1. a very small contract (2-4 million) and 2. the possibility of having to pitch out of the bullpenn. More of it relies on his production and the production of James McDonald and Scott Elbert as I have both of them on the team in some role, long relief, set-up, or starting. Martinez might even be an acceptable closer.

I think I'd target both RJ and Pedro and let Sheets go because of his injury history. He has "Jason Schmidt" written all over him.

Keithe Foulke at one time was a legit closer. If he would accept a minor league deal he'd be worth signing.

Tom Gordon is old and resembles what type of player Ned Likes to target. Injury problems and old: lets give him a 3 year deal worth 21 million.

Julian Tavarez. A few poor seasons with the sox doesn't mean he can't come back to the NL and be a successfull mop-up man on a minor league deal. I certainly wouldn't sign all 3 of these relievers, but getting one of them would be a sign typical of Colletti.

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