Sunday, March 16, 2008

Join NOW!!!

This is the official site of the "He-man Pierre haters club".

Join up now by adding your name to the list in "comments".


Dusto Magnifico said...

As the unofficial President of the He-Man Pierre Haters Club I will gladly sign my name at the top of the list. I really can't "hate" Pierre personally, but this whole shebangle is more a product of Ned Colletti making a series of really bad mistakes.

1. Dusto Magnifico!

Anonymous said...

this is a "dead horse" in PSD, but not in here!

you know me, I am ALL IN.

you should have bluemouse and swells pm-ed. they'll be here in a heartbeat!


4everblue said...

hey Dusto... we need you at the new place... we all have moved to DSP ( me, dfnc, Mouse, Mr Blue, Thunder, NZ, the whole crew... JOIN US and let's CRUSH JUAN PIERRE!!!