Tuesday, May 27, 2008

K- Zone

Instant replay has been discussed around various baseball communities as MLB is using instant replay in the minor leagues to see how well it works. I think this is a step forward in the right direction. Without naming the numerous blown calls in the playoffs that have let teams escape a loss and go on to win, how many more calls are blown in the regular season that go unnoticed?

In time baseball umpiring should be completely monitored by computers. The human eye is just too... human. Particularly when it comes to the strike zone. When I considered the origin of the game, and the creators thereof, how would they have wanted the game "umpired"? If you gave them the option to have a digital representation of the strike zone for pitchers to pitch to (granted were talking about the late 1800's here) would they have used that opposed to the current human umpires used today? No doubt, I think, they would have used the "K-Zone" that FOX and ESPN use now. It's just my opinion.

Obviously the game would change. Managers would have to manage a game instead of running out to the umpire to plead his hopeless case and get run from the game. The game would also change for the better. At the moment we do not know about umpires secret lives. We do not know how many Tim Donaghee's there are out there. AND based on what I have seen, not just as a Dodger fan, but also wathcing Yankee, Red Sox, Mariners, and tons of NL and AL West games, it's pretty easy to see where umpires make bad or "favorable" calls to one team or the other. The strike zone expands for one team and not the other?

Don't get me started on check swings! As I understand the rule, it is considered a swing if the bat crosses the ball. Meaning you should literally have to pull your bat back when the ball approaches. How many players hold their bat level over the plate as the ball crosses it. And bunt attempts? Many left handed players are running out of the box while trying to decide if they are going to bunt or not and never actually bring the bat back.

It has become a frustrating game to watch.

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