Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Too Strong!

Making trades and moves that would make the Dodgers a better team would just make them too good. That's why Ned Colletti signed Juan Pierre (9 million), Jason Schmidt (16 million), Nomar Garciaparra (9 million), and Andruw Jones (18 million). I wonder if Ned is getting a commission on these or something?

Why wouldn't Colletti save some of that money to waste on a young starter just getting ready to blossom out of Cleveland. CC Sabatthia. He kinda reminds me of the left handed version of Brad Penny.

When is Colletti's job on the line? It appears that meddling owner Frank McCourt is too proud to admit to making a mistake. It's time to go internal for our next general manager. Kim Ng or Logan White. Or the both of them together. Logan obviously has the beat on all young up and comers while Kim has made strides in free agent signing. Colletti has to go. We all know that. It's time for a new era in Dodger Baseball. The young era.

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