Monday, December 15, 2008


So, Rafael Furcal is set to sign a contract tomorrow no matter what. Apparently he has offers from the A's, Dodgers, and Royals. He has come out and said specifically that he does not want to play for anyone but the Dodgers. This is likely his way of jacking the price up for the Royals and the A's. And it has worked so far. And with this I could only suppose that he will eventually sign with the A's.

The Dodgers on the other hand have apparently offered him an incentive laden deal. Probably a 2 year deal with 2 option years. I think I'd rather have Furcal at short than Pierre in left. That's what it comes down to. If we sign Furcal you can close the door on Pierre as an everyday player. However, if Furcal isn't signed the likelyhood of Torre starting Pierre everyday in left is a disturbing thought. But he'd do it to have his "leadoff hitter".

I'd rather just sign Furcal, Dunn, and (name your starting pitcher here) and settle with trading Pierre and Jones for nothing and a lot of cash. But that's unlikely.

My main goal would be, "How can I keep Joe from starting Pierre at all costs?"

Unfortunately, Colletti is the guy who thinks Pierre should be starting... so... go figure. We also paid 45 some odd million for 6 games of Jason Schmidt knowing he was injured... and 36 million for a 172 hitter and anything over 2 million for Pierre is ludacris. And now we have shafted Saito!

And now there are rumors of Omar Vizquel. Of course. He is an ex Giant. Where all of this comes from I have no idea. But Colletti is retarded. So get ready for the 6 year deal for Manny and the 3 year deal for Pettitte. I wouldn't be surprised... nor happy. But that would be typical of the worst GM in baseball. I also wouldn't be surprised if he overpaid for another starter. I think he will eventually sign Pettitte and another starter at 2-3 years similar to the Brett Tomko deal a few years back.

Back to the point. I think Furcal will sign with the A's. Somewhere in the 4year X 44 million range. If they can add Giambi to DH they would all of a sudden be able to contend with the Angels.

My crystal ball says the Dodgers overpay for Orlando Cabrera, Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez all getting multi-year deals and blocking 17 prospects that are better than them allready which Ned trades for Alfonso Soriano. Then my crystal ball laughed at me for being a Dodger fan...

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