Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I like the A.J. Burnett signing.

Because I hate the Yankees.

Inevitably Burnett will take the spot that Pavano left as overpaid, injury riddled, starting pitcher in New York.

Undenaible evidence shows that Burnett is a bomb waiting to explode.

The concept of "scapular loading" comes with certain rules that must be kept to not just keep from serious injury but also help in control.

O'Leary explain the process pretty well, but to take it step further, I've always felt that limiting your extra movements will always help your pitching ability. The reason that the Inverted "W" is so bad is because of the stress the elbow and shoulder go through when transitioning from the "M" (inverted "W") to the fast movements when the front foot lands of actually throwing a ball.

It reminds me of Eric Davis and his high step/low hands combination that created a ton of power and created a huge loop in his swing while delaying his timing.

Timing is one of the finer keys to pitching. Having a detailed loop in your delivery not only creates added stress to your elbow and shoulder, but it also creates a timing hitch in your delivery. If your hitch is off just a little bit, your all over the place and can't locate. For 16.5 million, the Yankees could have done better.

Personally I would have targeted Teixiera first. Then a lower tier pitcher, maybe Ben Sheets for 3 years 42 million'ish. Lowe at 16 million over 4 years simply isn't worth it. He's good, reliable and old. He'll produce well, but he wont be worth 16 million. He's worth what you give him... but he's not worth what Borass wants. Maybe 12-14 million. maybe....

Overall, if Burnett can be healthy over 3 years of the course of the 5 years of the contract its a push if he pitches like he can when he is healthy. I only like the signing because it means that the Yankees are out 82.5 million bucks and have a potentially huge hole in the rotation.

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