Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sanity restored.... kinda

It is apparent that Andruw Jones may need arthroscopic surgery to repair torn cartilidge in his right knee. What a blessing for the Dodgers! Now we don't have to put up with a leadoff hitter that makes more outs than anyone else followed up with a .170 hitter. If there were any way to get rid of Pierre, I would look into it. Maybe we can match him up with Laroche to get a decent second baseman?

Anyway, more on Jones. When he comes back, lets hope he doesn't come back as a 250 pound whale. And who is to say that this injury wasn't the direct cause of him being overweight? I'd love to see him come back after the all-star break trim and fit and deliver that game changing presence form a few years ago. Who am I kidding?... Lets just cut the guy now. Maybe we can sign Bobby Abreu next year to bat second behind Furcal?

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